Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wolves vs. Sen. Christensen

I read this in the Salt Lake Tribune and thought ... well you see wont you ... "Wolves are out of control" Utah Sen. Allen Christensen told reporters. he claimed it was "simple case of states' rights"

I am not sure what the heck he's talking about. Wolves in UTAH. they are so rare (on the endanger species list)that they had to reinstated them so they would die off completely.

The Douche-bag continues with "we supposedly don't have wolves. We would like to control our borders and say wolves are not endangered. We would like them not to immigrate into here." as if boarders are understood by anything else but MAN!

Sen. Christensen to prove his point of the rising threat of wolves in Utah, he goes to Canada and kills one there then brings it back to proves his rantings. I can't even figure this out what the heck his mindset is. How is killing a wolf in Canada proof that wolves are a threat here in Utah?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 DUHs

I recently found an article (which is enclosed) on 2009's Most AMAZING discoveries!

1) High Heels Lead to Foot Pain (and not when the heel steeps on someones foot)
2) Men Much More Interested Than Women in Casual Sex
3) Children Are Affected When a Parent Suffers From Depression
4) Coed Dorms Fuel Sex and Drinking (hmmm I wonder why is that?)
4) Sweets Taste Better When You're High
5) G-Rated Children’s Films Are Very Straight (There are no references to gays or being Gay---as if a "G-rated" movie would have anything on relationships)
6) Eating Lots of Red Meat and Processed Meat is Bad for You
7) Kids' TV is Full of Ads For High-fat And High-sugar Foods

I for one am glad of people are getting paid big big bucks just to figure this stuff out. I just wonder what painfuly obvius discoveries will come out in 2010? maybe diving in a empty pool hurts?

Someone is taken this Swine Flu thing to an unhealthy level.

I recently was sent some pictures of how far people were going with avoiding the swine flu. I thought people I knew were crazy, but this is just messed up!

Biker Dudes get a new make over!

Is anyone else creeped out by this cause I sure AM! and to think this wasn't even Halloween!

Someone really cares about there Dog. (note this is an FBI dog most likely a drug dog so they can't afford to get him sick!)

Here is someone who loves dogs a little too much. I'm pretty sure Swine Flu cant hurt this pup.

What can I say about this, I think its OK for him to take it off now.

Well apparently Masterpieces, no matter how old can get sick.

I believe I speek for everyone this is NOT what we want to see when druged with Novacaine!

This is just a small taste of how far humans have fallen.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ode to 2009

A lot of Crazy stuff happened last year. And I thought I would just post a few of the most memorable in my book.

1) Two ladies where talking in the middle of the road (in the turn lane) right next to the on and off ramp of the freeway! they were facing eachother.
2) I’m singing a concert and there was a pause in music for dramatic effects, during that silence the drummer’s cell phone goes off with a rap song.
3) A guy in Ohio robs a girl then later goes back and asks the girl out for a date. (see
4) A 35 old guy gets in a sword fight with oncoming traffic (see

of course there were so much more enteraining events out there but I like these.