Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 DUHs

I recently found an article (which is enclosed) on 2009's Most AMAZING discoveries!

1) High Heels Lead to Foot Pain (and not when the heel steeps on someones foot)
2) Men Much More Interested Than Women in Casual Sex
3) Children Are Affected When a Parent Suffers From Depression
4) Coed Dorms Fuel Sex and Drinking (hmmm I wonder why is that?)
4) Sweets Taste Better When You're High
5) G-Rated Children’s Films Are Very Straight (There are no references to gays or being Gay---as if a "G-rated" movie would have anything on relationships)
6) Eating Lots of Red Meat and Processed Meat is Bad for You
7) Kids' TV is Full of Ads For High-fat And High-sugar Foods

I for one am glad of people are getting paid big big bucks just to figure this stuff out. I just wonder what painfuly obvius discoveries will come out in 2010? maybe diving in a empty pool hurts?

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