Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Someone is taken this Swine Flu thing to an unhealthy level.

I recently was sent some pictures of how far people were going with avoiding the swine flu. I thought people I knew were crazy, but this is just messed up!

Biker Dudes get a new make over!

Is anyone else creeped out by this cause I sure AM! and to think this wasn't even Halloween!

Someone really cares about there Dog. (note this is an FBI dog most likely a drug dog so they can't afford to get him sick!)

Here is someone who loves dogs a little too much. I'm pretty sure Swine Flu cant hurt this pup.

What can I say about this, I think its OK for him to take it off now.

Well apparently Masterpieces, no matter how old can get sick.

I believe I speek for everyone this is NOT what we want to see when druged with Novacaine!

This is just a small taste of how far humans have fallen.

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