Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wolves vs. Sen. Christensen

I read this in the Salt Lake Tribune and thought ... well you see wont you ... "Wolves are out of control" Utah Sen. Allen Christensen told reporters. he claimed it was "simple case of states' rights"

I am not sure what the heck he's talking about. Wolves in UTAH. they are so rare (on the endanger species list)that they had to reinstated them so they would die off completely.

The Douche-bag continues with "we supposedly don't have wolves. We would like to control our borders and say wolves are not endangered. We would like them not to immigrate into here." as if boarders are understood by anything else but MAN!

Sen. Christensen to prove his point of the rising threat of wolves in Utah, he goes to Canada and kills one there then brings it back to proves his rantings. I can't even figure this out what the heck his mindset is. How is killing a wolf in Canada proof that wolves are a threat here in Utah?

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